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:: The theory of positive self-reference (26-09-2005 21:35)
The theory of positive self-reference
Anders Bordum 
Department of Management, Politics & Philosophy 

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The Theory of Positive Self- reference
The Problem of Contradiction
The Classical Ban on Self-Reference
The Existence of Positive Self-Reference
Properties of Positive Self-References
The Reflexivity Test and the Positive Self-Reference
The Performative Contradiction
Examples of Statements Entailing Performative Contradiction
The Performative Self-Reference
Complete Self-Reference is Impossible
The Münchhausen Trilemma
Critical Theory and the Role of Self-Reference
Discourse Ethics and The Positive Self-Reference
Formal-Pragmatic Demands Regarding the Use of Language
Formal-Pragmatic Demands to Conducting the Discourse
Formal-Pragmatic Demands to the Participants in a Discourse
Anders Bordum