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:: Habermas on French referendum (04-05-2005 21:58)
The latest issue of "Le Nouvel Observateur" (no. 2113, May 5, 2005) brings a contribution by Habermas on the French referendum.

The title is: "Le non illusoire de la gauche".
Read it online: www.nouvelobs.com/articles/p2113/a267899.html

A German translation - ”Das illusionäre ”Nein der Linken” - is also online:

Together with other German intellectuals Habermas has written an appeal to the French voters to vote in favour of the European Constitution.

The appeal - ”A nos amis français” - was published in a letter in "Le Monde", May 2, 2005, by Wolf Biermann, Hans Christoph Buch, Gûnter Grass, Jûrgen Habermas, Klaus Harprecht, Alexander Kluge, Michael Naumann, Peter Schneider, Gesine Schwan, Armin Zweite and Werner Spiess


A German translation of the letter was printed in "Süddeutsche Zeitung" May 3, 2005.
Thomas Gregersen