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:: Empirical Approaches to Deliberative Politics (10-09-2005 21:19)
In the journal ”Acta Politica” (vol. 40 no. 3, September 2005, pp. 384-392)  you can read a new article by Jürgen Habermas on deliberative politics.

The article has the title: ”Concluding Comments on Empirical Approaches to Deliberative Politics” and is Habermas’ comments on a number of papers from a conference in Italy in May 2004 on this topic.

Most of the papers from the conference are published in two issues of ”Acta Politica” - vol. 40 no. 2 (July 2005) and no. 3 (September 2005):

Part I: A Systemic View of Deliberation

"Thinking through Democracy: Between the Theory and Practice of Deliberative Politics"
by Michael Neblo

"Sequencing Deliberative Moments"
by Robert E Goodin

"Handle with Care: The Deadly Hermeneutics of Deliberative Instrumentation"
by John S Dryzek

"The Empirical Study of Deliberative Democracy: Setting a Research Agenda "
by Shawn Rosenberg

Part II: Deliberation in Formal Arenas

"The Deliberative Dimensions of Legislatures"
by André Bächtiger, Markus Spörndli, Marco R Steenbergen & Jürg Steiner

"Context or Conflict Types: Which Determines the Selection of Communication Model"
by Katharina Holzinger

"Measuring Publicity's Effect: Reconciling Empirical Research and Normative Theory"
by Simone Chambers

Part III: Deliberation Among Citizens

"Studying 'Everyday Political Talk' in the Deliberative System"
by Pamela Johnston Conover & Donald D Searing

"Experimenting with a Democratic Ideal: Deliberative Polling and Public Opinion"
by James S Fishkin & Robert C Luskin

"Argument-Based Strategies in Direct-Democratic Votes: The Swiss Experience"
by Hanspeter Kriesi

"Online Forums and Deliberative Democracy"
by Davy Janssen & Raphaël Kies

Part IV: Deliberation at the International Level

"Deliberation in Movement: Why and How to Study Deliberative Democracy and Social Movements"
by Donatella della Porta

"Deliberately Changing the Discourse: What Does Make Arguing Effective?"
by Cornelia Ulbert & Thomas Risse

"Assessing the Democratic Quality of Deliberation in International Governance: Criteria and Research Strategies"
by Patrizia Nanz & Jens Steffek

The papers from the conference is available online:

Habermas did not attend the conference and his concluding comments are only published in ”Acta Politica”.
Thomas Gregersen