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:: The Top 100 Public Intellectuals (02-05-2008 10:41)
Foreign Policy (May/June, 2008) has published a list over the world’s top 100 public intellectuals.
Online: www.foreignpolicy.com/story/cms.php?story_id=4262

On the list are 12 philosophers:

Kwame Anthony Appiah
Martha Nussbaum
Peter Singer
Alain Finkielkraut
Charles Taylor
Michael Walzer
Tariq Ramadan
Wang Hui
Daniel Dennett
Jürgen Habermas
Fernando Savater
Slavoj Zizek

On the journal’s website you can propose other candidates and vote for your top five intellectuals.

The list of the ”Top 20 Public Intellectuals” — based on the votes — will be published in its July/August issue.
Thomas Gregersen