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:: Habermas gives seminar and lecture in Barcelona (10-05-2009 15:49)
Jürgen Habermas gave a seminar at Barcelona’s Contemporary Culture Centre (CCCB) on May 4, 2009.

According to the newsletter of the "University Oberta de Catalunnya"  Habermas’s seminar was for faculty and doctoral candidates from a number of universities. "It involved a critical exchange with the philosopher on key issues in his work. Some of the subjects dealt with included constructivism versus realism in ethical theory; open questions in the philosophy of language; constitutional patriotism, post-nationalism and multicultural societies; the legitimacy of constitutional jurisprudence, and the role of religion in the public sphere. Those taking part were the professors Cristina Corredor (University of Valladolid); Ferran Requejo (Pompeu Fabra University); Víctor Ferreres (Pompeu Fabra University); Cristina Lafont (Northwestern University) and Pere Fabra, who questioned Habermas on certain aspects relating to these subjects".

"Professor Habermas stressed that he had only tackled certain approaches to the philosophy of language and had never tried to come up with a complete theory. He also spoke about the role of religious reasoning in the public sphere and politics, adding that “citizens have to vote for the reasons they want, whether these be based on religious or secular guidelines”".

On May 5 Jürgen Habermas gave a lecture entitled "Philosophy Revisited: On the Genealogy of the Concept of Lifeworld.".

Thomas Gregersen